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What is a nail & skin appointment?

At Complete Podiatry, we can assist you in keeping your feet looking and feeling their best. Whether you have hard or cracked skin, problematic toenails, or simply have difficulty reaching your feet, we can help. We have the tools, practical skillsets, and expertise to help you maintain your optimal skin and nail health.

Ingrown nail care:

Ingrown nails are a common condition we see across our clinics. The term ‘ingrown nail’ is frequently used to describe pain or discomfort along the edges of a toenail, most commonly effecting the big toe. An ingrown nail occurs when the skin grows over the edge of the nail, or when the nail itself grows into the skin. If left untreated, infection and irritation may linger, resulting in pain and debilitation during day-to-day tasks.

At your appointment, we will assess your nail and apply treatments to reduce the pressure and pain in the area. At a follow-up appointment, together we can decide if it is best to continue with conservative treatment or proceed with nail surgery.

Discolored or thickened toenails:

Your nails may not look the same as they used to for a variety of reasons. Some common causes of nail changes include infections to the nail, aging, trauma, staining, underlying medical conditions, or other systemic problems. During your appointment, your podiatrist will determine the underlying cause of your nail condition and provide quality treatment to improve your nail symptoms and appearance.

Corns, callouses cracks, and more:

Hard skin develops in areas of high pressure and can be caused by footwear, your foot shape, or biomechanical factors such as how you walk. Over time this pressure forms callouses, corns, and cracks in the skin. Podiatrists are trained to gently remove dead and dry skin – leaving them soft, smooth, and looking fabulous.

Other common skin conditions include tinea pedis (athletes’ foot) and verrucae (warts). At Complete Podiatry, we offer a variety of treatment options to resolve and prevent these common, irritating skin conditions.

Diabetic skin and nail care:

Podiatrists are highly trained in diabetic management and understand the special care your feet require. At Complete Podiatry, we provide a range of services for diabetic patients, such as comprehensive assessments, diabetic education, management plans, and safe skin and nail care.

A private skin and nail appointment will allow us to get a gauge of your overall lower limb health. At this appointment, we may advise you that you are eligible for funded foot care which is organized through a referral from your doctor. Alternatively, you can ask your primary health provider if you meet the funding criteria for podiatric care.

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