Our podiatrists are ACC registered and foot injury specialists. We combine in-depth lower limb knowledge with hands-on clinical skills to thoroughly assess, accurately diagnose and effectively treat your symptoms.


We do everything feet, which means the crusty bits too. Ingrown toenail? Think you may have a corn? Or simply need a hand with cutting your nails? We can help you.


Complete Podiatry provides a comprehensive range of treatments customised to your individual needs. We understand how frustrating and inconvenient foot pain can be and strive to get to the root cause of these issues promptly and effectively.

Complete Podiatry specialises in sport injury and pain management; orthotics, footwear prescription and running technique analysis/retraining are key components of our treatment programs. We pride ourselves in equipping clients with the tools needed to achieve, and maintain, successful rehabilitation from injury.


Your children’s feet are a mecca for growth; initially they are very soft and pliable. Pain here is not normal and often treatable. Many adult foot problems have their roots in childhood and can be reduced if diagnosed & treated early.