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What appointment should I book?

Podiatrists are trained in the lower limb; we treat everything from toe-nails to ankle sprains. Choosing the right appointment type for your needs can be tricky! We have put together the following descriptions of our key consultation types to make this process a little easier.


This booking type is for any aches and pains, including the likes of problematic bunions or sore arches, that have not resulted due to an accident. Running technique and replacement orthotics should also be booked this way.

The general aging process, over training and pain resulting from medical conditions are often treated under this consultation type.

All three of our Podiatrists are accepting private bookings.

ACC - Accident Compensation Corporation

Their no-fault scheme covers everyone, including visitors, who are injured in an accident in New Zealand. The scheme covers children, beneficiaries, students, if you’re working, unemployed, or retired.

If you're ankles or feet are injured in an accident, we can make a claim for you. If your knee, hip or lower back have been injured in an accident you would need to see your GP, Physio or Chiropractor first so they can lodge a claim for you. Claims can be made up to 12 months after your injury and are valid for one year.

An example of an ACC claim: Jonny went for a run, while checking his phone for the time he tripped over the curb, injuring his left foot and ankle.

If ACC accept your claim they will pay a set amount towards the cost of your consultation, including orthotics, moon boots or braces if appropriate.

All three of our Podiatrists are accepting ACC bookings.

Nail and Skin

The less glamourous side of podiatry. As the name suggests this appointment type covers everything to do with nails and skin, often referred to as general care;

· Long or painful toe nails – including ingrown toe nails

· Corns

· Callus (hard skin)

· Warts and Verrucae’s

· Dry, cracked heels

We offer a super-gold discount for this appointment type.

Madi and Mia are accepting Nail and Skin bookings.

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