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Summer Ready

Days are getting longer, and temperatures are slowly increasing, what does this mean for our feet?

Here are some tips to help you maintain your foot health throughout the summer;

  • Wear shoes 👟

While the sunshine may have you wanting to ditch the shoes, think twice before doing so. Bare feet are vulnerable to injury through sunburn, broken glass, or simply stubbing your toe. It also increases your risk of developing an array of skin and nail conditions. We recommend wearing shoes when out and about, whether that is walking down to the beach or popping into a café for a cold one!

  • Ice water soaks ❄

After a particularly warm day or having spent a lot of time on your feet, you may notice some swelling in your feet and ankles. Soaking your feet in some ice water for 5-10 minutes and elevating them up to rest will help to reduce inflammation and leave you feeling totally refreshed.

  • Apply SPF 👓

Our feet tend to get neglected when we apply sunscreen, when in fact they require just as much attention. We are often in sandals or open-toed shoes, making them one of the most exposed areas of our bodies. Apply sunscreen to the tops of your feet before heading out, and when tanning on your tummy don’t forget the bottoms too!

  • Exfoliate 🛁

When wearing open-toed shoes or bare feet, our skin is more exposed and susceptible to callous and rough skin formation. The most common places this can happen are on our heels, the sides of the foot, and the bottom of our big toe. Gently using a pumice stone or foot file will help to reduce this hard skin.

  • Moisturize 🦵

After washing your feet or having a shower, it's always a good idea to moisturize your feet. While this is important all year round, in the summer we are more at risk for developing excessive dryness, cracking, and other unwanted skin conditions. Applying moisturizer will help rehydrate your skin and protect your feet.

  • Jandals 👡

We know jandals are a staple item for a kiwi summer. However, wearing them all day every day can exacerbate hard skin development and increase the risk of foot pain and injury. Balance your time spent in them by swapping them out for a more supportive sandal or shoe. Your feet will thank you!

If these tips and tricks don’t quite cut it this summer, come into one of our clinics to see one of our qualified podiatrists!

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