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Your COVID-19 running career

With the lock-down period upon us (what day is it again?) a lot of us have taken up running to keep busy and fit, but before you lace up your shoes and head out the door hear me out! I’ve created a PowerPoint, that includes my lovely voice, JUST FOR YOU.

Mechanical Stress Quantification. What is that you ask? Tune in to find out…

In a nutshell It’s not the smartest idea to head out and run a marathon if your body isn’t used to running that length. Gradual loading over a period of time ensures the body can react, adapt and recover. This means, after some weeks of training, you will eventually be able to hit out that marathon (likely once out of lock-down because how fun is running laps of your house?).

Speaking of running routes - there are a tonne of virtual challenges happening now on Strava and Instagram. Take for example @isohalfchch on Insta. This is our fav because its local, encourages you to stay close to home (no lock-down rule breaking) AND your entry fee is donated to charity! If 21.1km isn’t your thing (hello mechanical stress quantification) there’s also heaps of 5km or 10km challenges online. A great one I found is the “Covid-19k Challenge” on Strava – run or walk 19km in a week, too easy!

I hope you guys enjoy my presentation, with the lock-down I’m finding I have a lot of spare time up my sleeve so for whatever reason you have any questions about your running debut I am more than happy to answer them – give us a call 03)3662550 or email me

Happy isolation running!

Madi xx

P.S. here are some links to running programs as mentioned in the presentation (of course everyone is different so if these don’t suit please find one that works for you).

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