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Podiatrists are lower limb injury experts, spending 3 years studying the feet and legs. Our podiatrist Bex, a runner and endurance athlete herself, is our in-house expert on all things running. With a post graduate degree in sports and exercise medicine, certificate in pain management and over 10 years’ experience in Podiatry she is passionate about keeping you on your feet. A comprehensive assessment will evaluate the “whole picture” covering everything from lower bio-mechanics to recovery and nutrition. Running video analysis & technique retraining is often a key aspect of this, orthotics are not the only answer.


Understanding your technique can make you more efficient, faster and significantly reduce the risk of injury; a small tweak to your technique can alter load drastically. A technical analysis is perfect for runners who have tried everything else to get on top of their niggles with minimal results. Beginners will benefit from getting it right from the get-go, and more-experienced runners can fine-tune their technique to reduce strain on known problem areas.

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Running is easy; just lace up your shoes and start moving at a faster pace than a walk. ANYONE CAN RUN, if they want to. Starting out can be tricky; too much too quickly, the wrong shoes (or socks for that matter) and poor running form often result in injury early on.


Repetitive load, under the same circumstances, can also lead to issues further down the track. Issues such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, shin splints and runners’ knee are the most common injuries runners sustain; all of which fall under the lower limb umbrella.

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